October 6, 2015

Suz: Wrapping Cloth Progress

The cooler days of autumn have arrived. My garden is still producing vegetables that I share with the neighbours, and there is still some transplanting to do before the gardens can be put to bed for the winter.
Wrapping cloth piece #15 is almost finished! During the last week, I
added a strip of Josephine Knots, and a prairie point buttonhole lace trim,

bullion and french knotted another prairie point,

added some shiny trim, placed a beautiful gifted lace overtop, and bullion knotted the edge,

added rows of needle lace to a lace trim,

cutworked, cross-stitched, then frilled,

and piece #15 looks like this. I have three more outside edges to blanket stitch, and it'll be finished! 

Then I'll begin working on piece #16.  Yay!

That's all the stitching for this week. I hope your week has been a fun and creative one.

Hugs from Suz


cq4fun said...

How many pieces are there going to be, Suz? It's amazing how a little color seems to focus the eye on stitching that would be missed otherwise. I particularly like the folded point with bullions.

ladyhawthorne said...

I love how the printed fabric peeks out.

Debra Lynn Dixon said...

Are you still in love with this project?

Suztats said...

Thanks Ladies. I have 6 more pieces cut and pinned awaiting tacking and titivations. Once they're done, I'll begin to join them together, then see if more are needed. Yes, Debra, I still love stitching this! I think because other projects are being stitched in between bursts of wrapping cloth pieces, I'm never bored. Embroidery,for me, is my daily meditation- a reward I give myself. I just love the process of hand embroidery.

Debra Lynn Dixon said...

After sewing on all these buttons, I realized I am missing some handwork. Maybe I'll let you nudge me forward, Suz!

Judy S. said...

This is beautiful, Suz! I, too, like the added touches of color. Are you going to frame this or?