October 13, 2015

Moira - Moved....but not unpacked

I've made it out to Wyoming w/o any problems on the drive out here.  Am so thankful for that.  Have what seems like a mountain of totes and boxes to either shift around or empty yet  to go, but at least have made a wee dent in what needs to be done.

Now I just need to find things like the box with my jackets and coats, the rest of the kitchen utensils (so I can open canned food), my plates (thank goodness for paper plates!), the spare computer, and so on......lol.    Having said that though, I do have the barest of kitchen stuff so that is a good thing.

Need to find my fabrics for the block competition so that I can get ready for the next month's competition.  =)  And find the commissioned sewing so I can get to work  on the garments as well.

Still waiting for the cable company to get my modem delivered so that I can hook it up and have internet at home once again.   (Yup, I'm going thru withdrawals here....)  It's supposed to be delivered before 5 pm today according to the tech I talked with yesterday, but he wouldn't answer me on what the company would do if it wasn't.   Will be calling again this evening if I don't have it tonite...and taking it up the chain of command if need be to get an answer.

Started teaching on Monday and have a total of 26 students total.  Biggest class is 9 students, smallest is 1.  So nice to have small classes, and two prep periods to boot during the day.  The two prep periods is a good thing 'cause I have one class (two sections) that I wasn't expecting.   So will actually have to prep for that one...lol.  thankful though that I can pull info from other classes for it as needed and that the guy who was filling in for me left me some material for it.  =)

Meanwhile I'm hoping to be able to get back into sewing something soon - I'm going thru withdrawals!!!!!!!!!!


Judy S. said...

Sounds as if you are really, really busy! What lever/classes are you teaching? Those nice class sizes should be great! Best wishes in your new job/location!

ladyhawthorne said...

Yay! Sounds like the move went pretty smoothly and you are liking the new job, that is always a bonus!

Moira said...

I'm teaching pre-engineering classes. Some of the same ones I was in my last position, and one new one to me (also a technology class). Kids have been good so far, altho I do have one class where I can tell I'm going to have to keep on the kids to complete their work. Kids are 9th-12th grade.

Suztats said...

So glad the move happened without any problems. The classes sound very interesting and challenging. It's a busy time getting organized and starting a new job, so remember to take care of yourself, too.