September 22, 2015

Debra: Chef Aprons

I just finished sewing a nice stack of chef styled aprons for a hair salon boutique across the street from my old neighborhood.  The stylist who used to cut my hair has kept in touch through Facebook. She's opened a boutique and spa as part of the salon experience and wanted to have some of my aprons to sell.

Question:  Would you wear a short patchwork jacket? Something that you could throw on with jeans?

Here's the link to the t-shirt quilt I sewed last week.  I'm using it for my booth to let people know I can design and quilt t-shirt quilts for them.


Barbara C said...

That's a great looking pile of aprons. I would definitely wear a short patchwork jacket. I like my jackets hip-length.

cq4fun said...

How fabulous to find a new outlet for the aprons! That's just wonderful. I hope you find a way to market them to other salons, too, like you have the chef's aprons. i would definitely wear a short patchwork jacket. I'll never make one, but if I could find one I could afford, I'd love to have one. I hope you'll show a photo of your booth one of these times. I'd love to see it with that quilt hanging.

ladyhawthorne said...

Cool beans on the aprons for the salon!
If I were of a size to wear a short jacket I definitely would.

Cyra said...

Great to see so many business opportunities coming your way.
Your aprons rock girl.

Suztats said...

WooHoo! Great news, super aprons, neat quilt, and yes, I would.

Judy S. said...

Your sewing machine must be smoking! You are SO productive. Glad someone else has caught on to your talent. You rock!!!