September 8, 2015

Cyra ~ Naked Block

The naked block for June (yes, June) is done. 
Hand stitched as usual.
And I have decided that the thread colour for this one is going to be purple. 
But I have not done any stitching on it yet.

During the week I spent a day at the Hamilton (NZ) Craft Show and stocked up on threads, yarn and fabrics for a couple of hand stitched projects to keep me busy over the next six months.
Hand stitched projects are all I can plan for at the moment while we are 'house-less' and on a caravanning adventure from November for a few months until we find (or build) our new home.

Here are a couple of photos from the craft show.


Judy S. said...

That is a pretty block! And it will look even nicer when you do some stitching on it. Looks like a nice quilt show!

Debra Dixon said...

Purple! Everyone's favorite color!

Did you sell your property?

ladyhawthorne said...

YAY! Purple is my favorite color. Looks like some beautiful quilts at that craft show, I always enjoy seeing what other people have made.

Good luck on the house hunting!

Cyra said...

Yes Debra, we sold the farm property. We are in no hurry to find a new place though - just gonna 'chill-out' and travel around a bit, maybe spend 5 or 6 months in UK next year, and generally take things at a slower pace. Probably won't be looking for somewhere to live until the end of next year. Still got our lovely land down in Central Hawkes Bay where we may still build a home eventually if we don't 'happen upon' the place of our dreams on our travels.

Debra Dixon said...

I bet that was a bittersweet time. Sorry I missed it by not being here. If you have the ability to roam, then why not?

Suztats said...

Lovely block, Cyra. I shall be watching with interest as we'll both be working in purple!