September 22, 2015

Angela ~ Autumn is Right on Schedule!

Despite catching up on things after being ill for 5 days, I managed to finish the last berries and leaf on the Autumn square.
Now I only have background in the lower right corner and some top stitching on all 4 pieces and it will be done!

I'm thinking about the craft show I'll be doing in November and I decided to package the earrings I made rather than finding or making something to hang them on.
The cards are foam pieces I cut to fit in the plastic bags and the labeling is cut from my old business cards.  Simple but nice.  It will certainly be easier to set up than sorting through a bag of earrings all mixed together.  I have an old sewing machine drawer I think will work well for holding them.  
What do you think?


Debra Lynn Dixon said...

I had some grab bags of jewelry at the recent (horrible) show and that was the only thing I sold. People liked shuffling through them.

Your stitchery looks very good.

Sorry you have been sick. Nothing major, I hope.

ladyhawthorne said...

I had a low blood sugar attack in the middle of the night and it took me out for about 5 days.

cq4fun said...

I do like the packaging on the earrings, and I think the sewing machine box is a great idea. Best of luck with the sales. Your XS piece looks so wonderful, now that all the pieces of fall have come together. This has been a great project to watch you get out of the UFO bag. I hope you are feeling better and no more low blood sugar!

Cyra said...

Love the packaging on the earrings. Should be a sales winner in the sewing machine drawer.
Nice to see the autumn cross-stitch almost completed.

Barbara C said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been ill, and I hope you're feeling better. I like your earring packets a lot. People will enjoy looking through the drawer. Your cross stitch is heralding in the season: perfect timing for your block to be finished.

Suztats said...

Sure hope you're all better, now. Hurray! that your x-stitch is just about finished. It looks great, and the timing is right on, since today is the first day of autumn. I think the earring packaging is very smart.