August 18, 2015

Suz: Dog Dayz

We're having another week of hot and humid temperatures, so not much work is being done in the gardens. That means there's been stitching time!

On Wrapping Cloth piece #14, I added some layered pockets:

A small buttonhole lace pocket holds a piece of wild fabric, and sits upon a cotton, double-layered pocket edged in buttonhole lace. An oblong piece of wild fabric, also edged in buttonhole lace, protrudes from one of the two pockets.
All this sits upon a silk, buttonhole lace edged pocket holding three drizzles.

I then added another buttonhole lace pocket- this time in a triangle.

Then a frilly edging was added
I wanted to create a buttonhole lace, gathered pocket on a cutwork base
I may have gotten carried away with the number of stitches...........
and this frilly effect was the result. It looks like petals of a flower
so I added a Josephine Knot cascade to finish it off.
I like this look and it's inspired a few new ideas.

Here's an overview of piece #14. There are at least 14 pockets on this piece.

A few more finishing stitches to do, and this piece will be added to the tote.

A friend came to play with Gelli printing on fabric, and I made this piece from a spiral stencil I made:

This photo shows the colours better, and the start of some stitching.

My progress to date. Once I've added all the embellishing, I'll be making a pocket with this piece. I've used a variety of  threads in silk, cotton, floss, and rayon. So far the stitches I've used are: outline stitch variation, french knots, and long bullions. I'm not planning to stitch every spiral, but there's a bit more stitching to come.

The Purple Project is awaiting my time and attention. I'll get back to it one of these days.

I hope you've had a good stitching week, too.
Hugs from Suz



cq4fun said...

How big is the gelli piece? I love it just as a hooped wall hanging! The layered pocket is amazing. What a project!

Suztats said...

It's 14.5" x 17". Thanks so much.

ladyhawthorne said...

Love that layered pocket and that gelli print fabric is fabulous! I like that you are embroidering the swirls, how fun.

Judy S. said...

Love that blue-green fabric and your wrapping cloth, too.