August 11, 2015

Susan: CQJP June Update

I suddenly thought, "Uh-oh, it's Tuesday," so I came over to see what was what, and it looks like I'm not the only one who forgot!

I finished Seam 40 and added Seam 41. 41 came from a library book I checked out, and I'm considering buying it in another month or two, if I find it's been really helpful, which I think it will be. (Quick, diagram that sentence!)

The book is Embroidery & Patchwork Revisted by Janice Vaine. Landauer Publishing in Iowa. It won't take the place of my Carole Samples book, but it does have some how-to stitch pages, and some interesting combination diagrams, as well as lovely photos. I have several ideas I want to try from this inspirational source.

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I started Seam 42, and it looks pretty pitiful here, but hopefully it will look better with the embellishments added. This is 3 strands of an Anchor Floss, #292, which was in a bag given to me with two boxes from a quilty friend in Wisconsin. She is moving and was clearing out her cross stitch threads and some books. I bought a couple of books, and the floss came free. A LOT of it!


And for your entertainment, I've been keeping a spider busy spinning this web. I had to mess up the first one, which was much more elaborate, but it made this second one. I guess it likes that tiny rose, which is looking much better, coming back from being sprayed with ant spray. What can I say? I thought it would kill the aphids, but it almost killed the plant in the process! Would you call that overkill?


If you can't see it, you might be able to click and get a good look. This is obviously not an orb spider! We have a few of those around, but I see this kind of web far more often. At Atomic Fibers, there's one that covers an area of a holly bush bigger than the large professional cookie sheet. They do get elaborate! Just not that beautiful symmetry we like. It makes it okay for my CQ spider webs not to be beautifully orb-like, but more like this messy little guy. I can say, "It's realistic."


ladyhawthorne said...

Love the seams you got done, can't wait to see what you add to #42.

This year has been the year of the spiders...and spider mites. We lost a lilac bush and some other plants to spider mites.

If you have to use a spray insecticide, wash the plant with a hose before too long, the oils in the spray don't let the plant breath and it will die. Diatomaceous earth dusted on a plant will do wonders for getting rid of bugs you don't want too.

Cyra said...

Thanks for the book info, it's good to know about books of interest to us stitchers.
41 is very nice - simple but very effective.
Patiently waiting to see what happens to seam 42.

Suztats said...

Nice seams. Yes, i'm one of those who forgot it was

Barbara C said...

Very nice seams. It's always good to find new forms of inspriation and instruction, both in books and in the natural world.

Judy S. said...

Love that orange and green seam! I didn't forget the day; but it flew by before I had a chance to post.