August 4, 2015

Cyra - The Orange Seams

After mislaying my camera last week (finally remembered that I had left it in the car) here are my Orange Block seam treatments so far.

I like working with orange. 

Just as a reminder (or an intro for anyone who wasn't watching at the start of this project) my Crazy Quilt blocks for this quilt are ALL thread embellishments. This is because I am moving home (long process) and do not have access to my lace, trims, beads etc. So this project is entirely hand stitched - hand pieced, hand embroidered, and I will be hand quilting and hand binding it too.

This is my 'sanity quilt' while all around me is madness and mayhem and packing boxes (half of which have already made the trip to our new place). 

Although we have sold our farm, the new owners can't move in until November, so, as we don't have any particular plans for the rest of this year, we have agreed to stay on in the house until then, and keep looking after the stock etc. When November comes around, we will be touring NZ for a couple of months in our caravan (it will be our summer then), and then pop over to UK for another couple of months (summertime in UK, lol).

We do not have a house to move in to, just bare land in Central Hawkes Bay, close to the Ruahine Mountain Range, which we will use as our NZ base for the moment until we have finished traveling and are ready to settle down.

Back to the stitching now.


Moira said...

Your travel plans sound wonderful! the seam treatments on this block are wonderful inspiration.

ladyhawthorne said...

I think I'm jealous of the travel plans, how exciting!
I love all the orange seams, very bold and very well executed.

Suztats said...

I especially like seam number three. I wanted a closer look. Sounds like you'll be nomads for a while......what fun!

cq4fun said...

So you're going to full time it in the caravan! You lucky people. =) Have a wonderful time traveling. Those seams are wonderful. Who needs lace and ribbon and beads? Thanks for sharing such gorgeous work.

Barbara C said...

I love orange too, and your seams are a knockout. You are wise to have this 100% hand done project going while you're in transit between places. It's a lovely bit of continuity during a time of great change.

Cyra said...

Thanks everyone. I'm looking forward to becoming a gypsy, but it might mean I can't get online every day though. Ah well, that's probably a good thing. I'll have more time for stitching, lol.

Judy S. said...

Two summers, how fun! I'm with Suz, please explain how you did that third seam's stitching. The others are lovely also!