August 4, 2015

Barbara's Scrappy Diamonds

I'm on to my next scrappy project, using up some dark reds and golds I'd set aside to use together.  I decided to make a simple one-block quilt and let the colors and fabrics do the work.  

I love half-square triangles.  They're easily constructed and can be set in many different ways.  For this quilt I decided to go with a setting where the darks and lights form alternating diamonds.

I cut 7-inch squares in each color, only because that's what my scraps would yield. 

My tip is to press one of the colors in half along the diagonal--it doesn't matter which color you use, but I chose the lights.  This is the guide line I use to stitch a 1/4 inch seam along each side--no marking needed.  After they're sewn, cut along the pressed line and you get 2 HSTs that can be trimmed to 6.5 inch squares.


So far the top is 36 x 48," but I've got more scraps for the border to make this into a generous-sized throw.


ladyhawthorne said...

A beautiful quilt top, very autumnal in colors.

Suztats said...

The colours are very rich and warm. Looks great!

Cyra said...

Another lovely scrappy quilt Barbara. Love the colours.

cq4fun said...

They look great together. I never met anyone else who pressed lights in half, as I do (without reading my tutorial first)! Great minds. =)

Judy S. said...

I'll have to remember that tip! It makes a lot of sense. Thank you.

Moira said...

Love the colors in this scrappy quilt! Thanks for the tip on the pressing. I normally just draw line, but thsi would be quicker.