August 18, 2015

Angela ~ Not Much

Not much done this week just some background and part of the leaf behind the tiny blue berries.  Guess I needed a break, I spent my time working on genealogy and dug up a family scandal.  Somehow that was much more interesting than cross stitching more background!


cq4fun said...

Genealogy is fascinating! I work on that every Sunday afternoon and Monday evening. Otherwise, it would take all my time! The background has to be done, I know, but it does seem it would be boring.

Suztats said...

Oooh, a scandal? That does sound interesting.
The background looks fine, and is a necessary backdrop for the exciting bits to shine. Maybe it's not as much fun as watching something come alive stitch by stitch, but it's gotta be there...... ;-)

Cyra said...

Oh I love a good scandal - or skeleton in the closet, lol. Definitely more interesting to follow up on that one.
All my genealogy files have been packed away for safe keeping while we negotiate the move. I can still do research though, but just not as much cross-matching of actual facts.
The background cross-stitching will still be there when you are in need of a relaxing change.

Judy S. said...

Wow, you left us all dangling regarding that scandal! Genealogy can consume all of your time if you allow it, right? Love your embroidered piece!