July 28, 2015

Suz: July Heat Wave

We're in the midst of a heat wave, sweltering in the gardens, and hiding indoors, even though we don't have central air. We may turn on the small portable air conditioner if it gets too hot. Then, I'll probably have a sit and stitch.
The wave piece is finished.
I added some beads, alluding to the sparkle of the sunlight on moving water........

then I turned it into a double pocket. Hmmmm, or maybe a pouch. Could even be a little clutch purse if I add a button closure........okay, so I couldn't make up my mind just how to use this double-pocket/pouch. I'll let it sit while I decide.
If I sew it onto a bag, I'll have a two-layered pocket. I was going to add it to some reclaimed blue jeans to make a purse, but some of the blues didn't play well together.

Wrapping Cloth piece #14 is in the early stages of embellishment. I added some of my wild fabric to make the open work on one napkin show up just a bit better. There are 3 napkins (or portions of) in this piece.
I added 3 bullion knots on the left. They join together several layers of cloth, and create two pocket openings in the scalloped-edged napkin.
You can almost make out the 1st layer of buttonhole lace on another, folded napkin edge. It also indicates a pocket opening.
 Two strips of buttonhole lace have been joined together to make an L. Each strip decorates a pocket opening.

So far, piece #14 has a total of 8 pockets!

The Purple CQ Project is picking up some speed. 6 of the nine blocks have been pieced.
Ah, this looks a bit neater. I have my tote of purple threads and embellishments all ready for titivating my blocks.

I hope you've had a good, creative week. Keep cool.

Hugs from Suz



ladyhawthorne said...

All your projects are wonderful, I especially love the waves, I can tell that was a fun piece.

Cyra said...

As I was perusing your blue wave pocket/pouch/purse I was thinking about how the colour is so different to your Wrapping cloth project, and how I like to work on different coloured projects at the same time too....and then, after seeing the lovely photos of your Wrapping cloth, there, before my very eyes, is yet another bright and cheerful project, the Purple CQ. Well, you sure know how to have fun Suz.

Moira said...

Love how the wave project turned out! It is beautiful. Your purple CQ project will be lovely.

desertskyquilts said...

I really like the way the wave turned out. I find the blues and the ruffles so appealing. The 6 purple blocks are looking great! I look forward to seeing them embellished. What size are those again?

Judy S. said...

Your wave reminds me of the ocean out of our window last June! So pretty, but then your other projects are lovely also. I can tell you like to stitch!

Barbara C said...

Your wave project came out beautifully!

Suztats said...

Thank you, everyone! The blocks are to be 8" square once they're all trimmed.