July 7, 2015

Susan: May Block Seams

A good start was made on the May Oz book cover. It's orange, and that is not a color easy to find in my threads and fabrics, but I did find one variegated DMC ball - where did it come from? Who let it in here? LOL!

Seam 30: Though you would never guess it if you saw the seam that inspired this, it did come from Val Bothell's seam #125 that I saw from her FB thing. I don't do FB, but I did see them on Pinterest on her page. 'Cause you know, I don't do Pinterest either. Life's too short - I don't have that many years left!

Seam 31: Also inspired by a Valerie Bothell's #9 seam, much closer to the original

Seam 32: Inspired by my Carole Samples' seldom used template - bad photo, sorry. You really can't see the pretty flower beads and the purple delicas in the middle of them.

Corner 16: Inspired by something I saw on a page in the Embroidery Stitch Bible. I don't use it often because it really isn't suitable for crazy quilting, in my opinion, but I was thumbing through it in desperation and saw something that inspired this after I closed the book. Here is where I used that DMC I found - it has a LONG repeat.

Next week, Judy, I'll show the whole block. This week, I'm torturing you. =)


ladyhawthorne said...

Wonderful seams and filler. Orange would be hard for me too but it's pairing beautifully with the blues.....hah! my old high school colors, orange & blue.

Judy S. said...

We've seen several houses painted orange near Green Lake! I agree, though, it's a hard color even though it seems really in right now.

cq4fun said...

And it's very popular in Knoxville! Orange and white are the UT colors, and this town is nothing if not UT fans. =)

Suztats said...

It's not a colour I usually use either, but it's looking good on your block.

Moira said...

Great work! Love the varigated orange.

Barbara C said...

Especially nice work with the variegated thread. It's always a challenge to show those off just right.