July 14, 2015

Moira - new projects and other doings

I've started the next set of commissions - ironed 20 yds of fabric for more scrub tops and made the first top of the two commissioned pillows that I need to get made.  The plan is to use the same focus fabric in both pillows so that they work together...........in this case the pansy print.    However, the remaining piece of the print has gone awol and I haven't found it yet.   Argh.......  At any rate, these will fit 14" pillow forms when finished and will be made in the envelope style.  Am planning on using a coordinating green for the back of them.

And then last week I had mentioned that I had a couple of projects planned to help me focus on getting the bills (student loans, credit cards, and medical bills) paid off.    For the first one I am planning on making a block for each $50 that I pay off on one of the bills.   For the first part of this I'm just tracking what I've got in credit card bills (also has one of the medical bills as well).    The blocks will be made for this pattern from the leftover PP'd pattern sections after doing my first one.   Colors will be scrappy blues and shirtings, and might add reds in there as well.   Haven't decided that  yet.   Have a couple of blocks made up from yrs ago when I made the queen-sized quilt that I use on my bed.     If I do add red, then this one will may end up going to American Heros.

The second thing I am doing to help keep my focus on paying off the bills is this faux painting.   I saw this idea on a blog and can't remember where I saw it now.   But the basic idea was to draw something in that had lots of sections (think zen type drawing) and then color in parts of it when you pay off a certain amount of debt.   The one I saw did it every $100, but I'm going to do it every $50 so I can actually see progress!

The flowers in this represent just the credit cards that have been bedeviling me.   Will work on the rest of it later.....  The top two little flowers will be paid off before school starts.   And because I'm starting drivers ed instruction today, I'll have a check from that before school starts so will be able to pay off another large chunch on one of hte bills by the time school starts as well.   Life will be nuts, but with persistance and determination these flowers will be colored in before too long.  =)

And yes I'm going to have to do some major scheduling in order to have any sewing time when school starts up, but that has been true before and I'll do it again.


Suztats said...

Great start on the commissions, and on paying off those debts. Hard work to come, but it will be a wonderful feeling when you're debt free! I hope those petals get coloured in fast.

desertskyquilts said...

Whatever it takes. =) Love the star on point for the pillow. Great design.

ladyhawthorne said...

What an interesting idea for getting debt paid off and tracking it. Kind of like the old thermometer thing but much cooler.

Great looking pillow!

Cyra said...

The new quilt blocks look fun to do, and with such a worthwhile meaning for each of the blocks completion. It will be a great feeling every time you work on a block - success is surely guaranteed with these ideas.
Lovely to see your zen style flowers, because I'm on a zen style project at the moment as well.

Judy S. said...

You go girl! Lots of good ideas there. That's going to be a pretty set of pillows!

Barbara C said...

These are great little rewards for your debt reduction efforts. Good luck with your endeavors.