July 28, 2015

Moira - And I'm quilting!!!!

After all the clothing I sewed up this summer I began to wonder if I'd get to do any quilting....and the answer is yes.   First up this past week was a pair of 14 inch pillow covers that were commissioned.   Only parameters that I had were the size and colors (blues/greens).  

I went digging thru my stash/scraps and found the focus print which is a floral with pansies in shades of blues, yellows and greens all on a white background.  

The blue tonal and WOW print in the first one was out of my stash as well.  The green print in the second one had to be bought because I didn't have anything the right shade.   Back on the blue one was more of the blue, and on the green one a different green fabric that worked for that.   these were made in the envelope method.

Only problem with them was the green one didn't come out square for some reason....oops.   So I just sewed a little bigger seam on two opposing sides to take up the extra size and finished it off.   Thankfully it isn't noticeable.  =)

The other project I've started is a new block design for a modern quilt block design contest.   Blocks have to be made of only Michael Miller fabrics and be modern adaptations of traditional blocks.   Contest runs for 12 months and winners are selected by the public voting for their favorite.   Monthly prizes are worth ~ $150 - not bad!   At the end of 12 months there is a finished quilt contest where the grand prize is worth over $4000.   Will be sending out notes to friends for voting once that opens on Aug.11th 'cause I'd love to win.  =)

I ended up ordering a B/W print fabric for the background of the blocks), and am going to use assorted Fairy Frost fabrics for the remaining fabrics in the blocks.  Block has to be finished and posted by 8/10 so I'll be working hard on this once the fabric arrives.

While I wait for the fabric to arrive I'm making a sample block out of some cream, blue and red fabrics.   The block has 8  sections to it and I realized that I will have inset seams to deal with.....lovely..........Oh and did I mention that there are 96 pieces in the block?    Quess who won't be making this block in mass production any time soon....Lol.....  ALtho I might tweak the pattern and then submit it for publication...but would definitely simplify it some before doing that.

In between doing these things, I've been doing lots of driving lessons both last week and this week.   Will finish up my first 30 hrs today....woohooo.....will get a paycheck for that............School starts back on Monday....doesn't seem possible that the summer is already over...esp. since hot summer weather just arrived here this week.


ladyhawthorne said...

The pillows look great! That's a lot of work you've done this week.

Boy your school starts early, I thought TX was bad starting in late August. I grew up in MI and school started after Labor Day and ended by June 1st.

Cyra said...

Lots of lovely patchwork Moira. I think I'm going to nickname you 'block Queen' haha.

Moira said...

Yup, school starts early here.....8 wks of summer vacation just is not enough time!

desertskyquilts said...

I love seeing how that contest block will look. I' so happy you've had some quilting time!

Judy S. said...

You certainly made good use of your quilting time! Nice pillows! I think I had some of that blue and yellow fabric once. It'll be fun to see your modern quilt come together.

Barbara C said...

Nice pillows! A block with 96 pieces? That boggles the mind, you're a braver woman than me.

Suztats said...

I can't imagine a block with 96 pieces! Maybe a whole quilt.......wow. Love the pansy fabric in your pillows. So glad you've had some fun quilting time. Here school ends (for public school) around June 30, and starts back up in the first week of September. High school gets out a few weeks earlier.

Moira said...

And inset seams to boot Barbara!