June 9, 2015

Susan: CQJP2015, March Update

A little more done this week - mostly just embellishment with beads and sequins left ... finally!

Corner heart finished, Seam 22 waiting for sequins:

Seam 23 also waits for sequins:

Corner 10 needs one bead in the center, at least, and some bugle beads in the lazy daisies.

Corner 11 needs a button, Seam 17 has added embellishment and needs beads now.

Total block, slightly off center:


ladyhawthorne said...

Lovely! I like how you are pulling the red over to the lighter color fabrics with your embroidery, and vice versa.

Judy S. said...

Love that heart!

Suztats said...

A lot of lovely stitching this week, Susan. Love how this block is developing.

Moira said...

Looking wonderful!