June 23, 2015

Susan: CQJP2015 April Reveal

All photos can be enlarged with a simple click ... maybe. First, the bare block:

April Bare

Seam 24: This started as Seam 95 from Valerie Bothell's Joyful Embellishment stitches.


Seam 25: This was inspired by Valerie's Stitch #82, which was a single detached Cretan Stitch.


Seam 26: Pretty much exactly Stitch #53 from Valerie's seams.


Corner 13: This is from a machine stitched picture I saw on the internet. I had no way to find out whose motif it was to give credit. Hard to see in a photo, sorry!


Corner 14:


That's my favorite part of the April block. It started from something I saw on the internet, and then I just did more, added beads, just really had fun with it. Colors of beads were inspired by the variegated Sassa Lynne threads I used, one blues and one grays/pinks. Click to enlarge. The background is ombre, and that causes it to be even harder to photograph.

Seam 27: An idea for short/tall buttonhole that started with Val Bothell's Stitch #60 and got carried away.

Seam 28: another one I liked, but based on nothing but a curvy chain and what I could do with it. The chain stitch is done with 2 strands of Gentle Arts floss, and I liked it and this color, Geranium, from their Simply Shaker line. I was trying to find where I bought it, because I liked their service, but I can't find it.

Seam 29: Sort of an experiment with these deep curves. Partially successful. I will have to refine the angles more if I do it again.

Corner 15: Just a fun fern stitch to finish this corner, going in both directions, and sprinkled with gold tiny Delica beads.

Whole block:


ladyhawthorne said...

WOW! That's a lot of stitching and it all looks fantastic! I really love the red corner you played with.

Barbara C said...

Yes, the red corner is great. All the stitching is wonderful.

Cyra said...

Wow, wow, wow. Exciting stuff Susan, love the variety and interest in this block.
My favourite is curvy seam 28.

Suztats said...

So much stitching, Susan, and all of it looks wonderful. I'm a fan of the red corner and seam 28. Your block looks great!

cq4fun said...

Thanks for your kind comments. I'm itching to do more, but I have to make the next two blocks first! One has orange in it, so I have to search hard for some orange fabrics and threads.