June 30, 2015

Susan: Bare Blocks

Crumb! I forgot it was Tuesday and we've been having internet problems because of rain and thunder and lightning since late last night. ATT said that wouldn't happen with fiber optic. Ha, ha, ha, falling down laughing. It happens worse than with anything I've ever had, including satellite from Hughes!

All I have are the next two CQ blocks, which are sort of an experiment that wasn't entirely successful. It's okay, but different color arrangments from the other blocks.

I'm putting this up between Judy and Cy, before my internet goes completely.


Suztats said...

Susan, the blocks look great,and I'll look forward to seeing your beautiful seam embellishments! I've been having internet problems here today, too. Heavy rain.

Cyra said...

Love these new blocks, and looking forward to seeing how you embellish them.
Quite sunny here at the moment, but occasional showers are on the horizon that I can see heading my way. We can usually see the rain in the distance about 10-15 minutes before it reaches us.

ladyhawthorne said...

The blocks look great, can't wait to see how they will turn out.

Barbara C said...

Very nice piecing. I like to see people break out of the spiral CQ piecing design.