June 2, 2015

Moira - School's out and.....

.........the 'mice' are quilting and sewing now that school is out for the summer!  Lots of work in there as well since hrs have increased at the store for me, and am working hard to finish everything up for my driver's ed instructor certification (will be another PT job for me).

Have managed to put together two quilt tops and finish the border on a third one over the last 10 days or so.   Have even finished up the first of 16 commissioned scrub tops that need to be done asap this summer.

The first to I finished up started with wanting to use up a remnant with the 'super-hero' words used in the old time super hero shows like Batman.  Added a solid red and yellow to the print.  Adapted a quilt design that I'd seen in a picture online for it.  

The second quilt top finished up started with blocks received from another member of an online group I'm in.   the focus fabric with  dancing alligators was one i had and she made the blocks from it.   Center block is off-kilter because she had left the ends of strips on some of her fabric for the outer fabric (the striped one).  Added a yellow to the outside and trimmed it square to get rid of teh selvedge.  The alternate blocks were made with half-square triangles blocks and were super easy to do.   The printer fabric is more orange that the picture shows.

The final quilt top finished is the top for this year's mystery quilt that I had designed and hosted on my blog.   Just need to get the final corner posted (the light green one) along with final assembly instructions and then it will done.   Then it'll be on to working on my next design for posting.   Have an idea for that one but need to pull some fabric out to test it with.

Both of the first two quilt tops will be donated to Sunshine Quilts.

Have also finished the first of 16 commissioned scrub tops that I need to get finished this summer.   Only 8 different fabrics (two of each)......so they get worked on two at a time while I have the right color of thread out and in the machine.


cq4fun said...

Very prolific. I can tell summer's here. =) Love the mystery finish. Need to finish mine soon, too. Also like your two Sunshine tops. Nice bright colors children will love.

Suztats said...

Wow! You've been so busy! I relly like the off-kilter center block in quilt #2. And quilt number 1? Pow!

ladyhawthorne said...

You always amaze me at how much you manage to get done. The quilt tops are great, colorful and pretty!

Barbara C said...

You're always so productive. Enjoy being off school for the summer and spending more time with your creative endeavors. Nice job with the quilts.

Moira said...

Ah, but notice that the tops are usually simple ones. And at least in the case of the lime and org one, the pieced blocks were made by someone else. =)