June 9, 2015

Moira - Machine is smokin'

I've been busy sewing this past week on the commissioned sewing that I've had cut out (and thereby in process) for a year now.   Nothing having been sick to put a crimp in my plans to have had it done by the end of the school year....sigh.

At any rate, this past week I buckled down and worked hard at making a dent on getting things completed.   At the start of the week I had 16 scrub tops, 6 muu-muu style blouses, and 6 muu-muu style house dresses cut out.   As of Sunday morning, 8 of the 16 scrub tops are now complete and in the box waiting to be shipped to my customer.  There are 8 different fabrics, and two of each print.   I'm working them 2 at a time so that I get thru them faster.

The next two of the scrubs have been pulled and sewing has been started on them.  My aim is to have them all completed by Friday evening so that I can mail them off on Saturday Morning and hopefully have payment for them within a couple of weeks.   Also in the box when it is shipped will be a printed document containing pics of all the flannel fabrics that I have of hers with what she had told me she wanted made from them.  (She has bought so much fabric that she doesn't remember what she's given me over the last 4+ yrs - there is enough for 20-22 garments if the spreadsheet is correct.)  I need her to decide if the info I have on them is what she really wants done or if she is changing her mind before I cut things out.

Am bored working on these, but they really need to be done so that I can get them out of my hair.  And I'm trying to not think about what the lady may have bought in the way of fabric and that could be coming my way..........that is a truly scary thought!  And as bored as I'm getting I may be sneaking in a quilt top for Sunshine because I can start with blocks made by someone else to make it easier.


ladyhawthorne said...

That's a pretty big list of things to complete, makes me tired just thinking about it. Looks like you got a great start though!

Judy S. said...

Smokin' for sure. I know what you mean about repetitious sewing after having done those chair covers! Bleh.

Suztats said...

Such a long list of projects. You are so productive!

cq4fun said...

I can't think of too many more boring things than sewing the same shirt time after time for someone else. =) I should have you make me some - slightly smaller. LOL