June 30, 2015

Barbara's Quilts

Quilt mojo is a very delicate thing.  Because of its portability, my knitting has won out over quilting recently, but now that summer's here, my quilt mojo has returned.

First, I had a long-standing UFO, my Hat Box quilt (design by Kaffe Fassett), quilted by our pal Debra Dixon.  Debra does high quality affordable machine quilting.  I scrolled through my photo library to find these 2009 pictures of the finished top, which I made from a couple of books of home dec fabric samples.

Hat Box Quilt (detail)

Voila!  The quilted and bound quilt.  It's hard to photograph because it's big and it's cloudy here today.

Here it's draped on a king sized bed.  I'm very happy with the completed quilt.

 Since I was digging through the stash for binding fabrics, I found a piece of fleece perfect for a baby quilt back, and a pack of fat quarters in grey and white.  I also had a perfect piece of yellow gingham.

In a few days I had the baby quilt done.  Here you can see it with the inspirational fleece backing. 

Once I started digging through my stash, the creative wheels started to turn.  There are more quilts in the works...


Suztats said...

That is one beautiful, big quilt! Love the hat boxes. It looks great on the bed. The fleece backing on the little quilt is adorable! The front looks good, too.

ladyhawthorne said...

The hat box quilt is wonderful and the fabric for the baby quilt is truly serendipitous.

cq4fun said...

I love your quilts. The hat box looks great on your bed. I agree, Debra does a super job. I'm sending her my Film at Five, aka APOD.

Cyra said...

Wow, what a gorgeous quilt. I love Kaffe's designs. I was lucky enough to meet him once at Ascot (UK) Racecourse, we were both there for the quilt exhibition. What a very 'colourful' character he is.
Love your baby quilt, and it's lovely to see a baby quilt in colours that aren't pink or blue. Very nicely done.