May 12, 2015

Suz: Something a little Different

I'm not usually into sewing clothes for myself, but when I couldn't find satin pj's anywhere, I decided to make my own. I like the satin because it allows movement in the bedding. In summer we have cotton sheets, but other times of the year we use flannelette or jersey sheets. Have you ever tried to roll over wearing flannelette pj's on flannelette sheets? The sheets move with you, and the blankets, too. DH doesn't like losing his bedding every time I roll over........  ;-)
So, satin slides and the sheets stay in place. Well, unless I grab them and hold on when I roll over............but that never happens...........umm, right?
Luckily, stretch satin was on sale at my local fabric store. yay! Not being an accomplished seamstress, I spent the whole weekend and Monday sewing and frogging my new pj's. The top is done, and the bottoms just need the elastic and hems.
Such soft and subdued colours............DH is afraid they may keep him awake at neckline, cuffs and hem are trimmed in pink to match the pink of the material, so, of course, the pj bottoms had to be pink, too, right?
They only had fuschia........bright, shiny, fuschia................... I shall be colourfully comfortable.

I hope you've had a colourful and creative week.

Hugs from Suz


ladyhawthorne said...

Love it!

Judy S. said...

I guess flannel pjs with flannel sheets would be a bit like a human flannel board! Your satin jammies are cool and a great solution.

cq4fun said...

Those DH peoples are just never happy, are they? Love the colors!

Moira said...

Love the jammies and the colors!