May 5, 2015

Suz: Marvelous May

Why is May so marvelous? First, spring has arrived! Second, the Gelli print fabric is almost finished! Third, Wedding Piece #2 is finished!! Yay! and Fourth, I've been gardening and planting vegetables.
So, May is beginning in a marvelous way.

 some areas have an overlap of the pattern, which has made the embroidery a bit confusing..........
Wedding Piece #2 is finished, and damp stretched!

Does it look balanced to you?

shown with the ruler

now it needs to be mounted and is awaiting the frame DH is making

Hugs from Suz


ladyhawthorne said...

The wedding piece is perfection.

Love the gelli piece, the colors are wonderful and I like the stitched edges. What are your plans for it?

cq4fun said...

How wonderful to have a finish! It's especially beautiful seen all together like that. Good luck with your gardening!

Suztats said...

LadyH-I'll probably use a portion of it to make a bookmark for my granddaughter. The remaining may be used in other project in a class I'm taking.

Barbara C said...

Both pieces are exquisite. The stitching adds wonderful texture to your gelli print fabric.