May 19, 2015

Susan: CQJP2015 Small Progress

One more seam. Still need beading on previous one, and I'm getting an idea for embellishment on the big one on red. I used one of the Carole Samples templates to trace this one.

Very slow progress.


Suztats said...

I like this new seam--lots of movement. Slow progress is still progress...... ;-)

ladyhawthorne said...

Great seam, I really like the up & down. I never read any of the books except the one the movie is based on, and the book was a bit different. Ozma looks to be a femme fatale!

Cyra said...

Slow progress on your CQJP block IS much better than my own NO progress on mine, lol.
Lovely stitching, great combinations so far.

cq4fun said...

LOL, Ozma *does* look at little femme fatale, doesn't she? I hadn't thought of that. "

She is the rightful ruler of Oz, and Baum indicated that she would reign in the fairyland forever, being immortal.

"Baum described her physical appearance in detail, in The Marvelous Land of Oz: "Her eyes sparkled as two diamonds, and her lips were tinted like a tourmaline. All adown her back floated tresses of ruddy gold, with a slender jeweled circlet confining them at the brow."

Moira said...

Love the new seam!