April 14, 2015

Suz- Not Much Stitchin'

Warm temperatures have arrived! Yay! Yesterday it was above 10C, so I've been out in the garden the past few days. There's not much stitchin' going on....but I did add a few things to the Wedding Piece #2. Sorry the photos are a little dark.

leaves, branches, gypsophilia, and roses
 seeds and french knots, bullions

progress is slow, but the bottom is almost half-finished

I'd originally thought to add more grape leaves to the bottom section, but now feel that it's too small to support the visual weight of these large leaves. I may add one or two, but most of the leaves added will either be stitched onto the fabric, or woven picot leaves.
I'm excited to be coming to the end of this project.
My one concern was that it might look unbalanced having different elements on each of the four sides, and being stitched without a pattern (well, except for the one in my head)
So far I am pleased.


Susan said...

It looks wonderful, you should be pleased. I love the way the leaves around the heart look right now and can't imagine it being better!

ladyhawthorne said...

Your concern was for naught, this is so unbelievably beautiful. You should have this entered in a contest somewhere!

Judy S. said...

It's absolutely fabulous, Suz! Who's the lucky recipient?

Cyra said...

The pattern/picture in your head is fabulous, and you now have most of it in real life too, what a lovely creation.
I admire your patience to stitch something this intricate, and I also admire your technical skill to achieve something so excellent.