April 7, 2015

Susan: Two New Seams

Wouldn't you know it? I finally have something to show and I forgot it was Tuesday! I have a perfectly good excuse, though. Dentist, abcess, pulled tooth. Don't need to say more, right? Oh, happy pain meds, too. =)

So here are the things I did on Saturday:

Seam 13:

Seam 14:

Block about 60% finished - beads added to the lower left corner stitching, too.

A friend in Australia sent some Cottage Garden floss. Oh, my gosh. As much as I like Sassa Lynne perle, that's how much I like this floss! I sewed something with DMC right after and it felt awful in comparison. Seam 13, the fans are the Cottage Garden floss, two strands.

So, two seams and three corners to go. And that's February.


ladyhawthorne said...

I know the pain you have, been there, done that. Get well soon.

The seams are beautiful, love the butterflies!

Cyra said...

Oh my! That is am awesome block Susan. Love the seam treatments. I'll have to look out for Cottage Garden Floss, I'm not too far from Aussie.

Suztats said...

Those fans seem to gleam nicely. Seam 14 is so full yet dainty. I like both seams, and they frame the block so well.

Moira said...

Looking good!

Judy S. said...

Nice seams, Susan! Sorry about the dental torture though. Hope you're pain free now!