April 21, 2015

Judy~Slim Stitchings

Can you believe it, we've had 3 sunny days in a row, and 2 of them were on the weekend! That, however, has meant that not too much in the way of knitting/stitching or the like has happened here as we've been working in the yard.  I did finish a ruffled scarf for a friend who said she got so frustrated trying to knit one that she threw it away.  It's winging its way to her now, and hopefully she will like it.  I also did a very few stitches on the Amish alphabet but not enough to photograph.

Haven't seen this guy since we got back from Chicago. I did chase a bunny today though.

And I am very sad to report that this long-awaited flower lasted less than a week!  It was pretty while it lasted.

And here's another photo of the boys, our new grand nephews.  You can see that they aren't identical a bit better on this one.  Hard to believe they're almost 3 weeks old now!

That's it for now. Happy Tuesday!


ladyhawthorne said...

Very pretty scarf, looks very lacy!

All our bunnies went away and we have had no deer, thank goodness.

That's a gorgeous orchid, look at the intensity of the color. Cute photo of the babies, they look very contented.

Judy S. said...

I guess deer will even eat roses, thorns and all. Haven't experienced that but one year a deer methodically ate all our tulip buds, and I finally really understood "nipped in the bud"!

Suztats said...

The babies are adorable! And the scarf is so pretty. Such a shame the gorgeous flower didn't last longer.

Moira said...

The new babies are precious. Orchid was lovely, and the scarf fun looking!

cq4fun said...

How big is that basket the boys are in? That's a great idea for twins who are used to being together. I'm guessing they sleep a lot better that way! The scarf is beautiful and festive.

Cyra said...

Lovely cuddly boys, cozy in their nest.
That is the prettiest orchid I have ever seen, so sad it was so short lived.