March 31, 2015

Suz- End of March

March is ending, and, hopefully, taking the last of the snow with it!
I'm ready for spring.
A wee bit of stitching was done on the Wedding Piece this week, with a few additions:

2 woven picot leaves, a cast-on stitch rose, and a bud.......

On the wrapping cloth piece #12, I added a beaded center to a fancy picot flower. The base is a wrapped ring with rows of buttonhole lace 
bullions bridge the design of this lace

this giant bullion is 185 wraps!
Soon it will have a few more friends......
the progress so far

I need to create more wrapping cloth pieces

It was time to actually use my Kumihimo kit.

The large braid on the left was made with the kit material using 8 strands.

The braid on the right used 8 strands of size 20 crochet cotton. I've been playing with patterns.

Tatted bunnies and cabbage edging is a seasonal tat with Easter next Monday. I used size 20 crochet cotton, so this feels quite bulky. Bunny 1 on the left has a major error with the neck join.

Next I'll tat the bunnies without the cabbages, with a longer chain between them, using a finer thread.

Two more gelli painted fabrics join the queue awaiting some hand stitching.

My art room has been re-organized. It's actually a small bedroom.(~9x11)  Here's how it looks now..........( well, before I did the fabric painting!)

north wall

east wall

This table is a very old one with a porcelain top- once probably used for rolling out pastry, but now it's great for cleaning up spilled paint!
west wall

The center unit was fastened to the dining room wall, but didn't work with our furniture. Now it's a great unit for storing some of my supplies.
south wall

There's a bedroom closet to the left of the computer, and there I keep my fabrics in plastic storage tubs.

Here's how that table looks now!
Neat and tidy didn't last long, did it? lol

 Treasure hunting this past week led me to a second-hand shop where I found these blingy buttons, ( up north near the lake house)

(aren't they pretty?!)
two packages of lace,

( rolls of lace!)

4 cut-lace napkins, and 2 lace doilies.

The total came to $5.00! Wow!

I love shopping there! (too bad it's so far away)

Well, that was my week with needle, thread and fabric. Hope you've had a fun and creative week.

Hugs from Suz



Judy S. said...

That braid is amazing! I've seen braids with 4 strands, but never 8. Have you seen the wrap bracelets? That's the first thing I thought of when I saw this braid. Love your other projects, too. You've certainly been busy this week!

ladyhawthorne said...

love your crafting room, wish I had one!
All the projects are wonderful, love the bunnies!
Great haul for $5, we should all be so lucky.
I think we were/are all ready for Spring this year.

Moira said...

Great work on all the various projects. Out of curiosity, what will you do with the wrapping cloth?

Cyra said...

Oh Suz, what a great week you had.
Kumihimo is lovely, I like doing this too, there are so many variations to try.
The bullions on the wavy lines look fantastic, and I have no idea how you managed the long one, 185 wraps, wow, are you mad.
Nice to see your workspace.

Suztats said...

Judy I have seen those wrap bracelets--they look so cool.
Moira, my original idea was to use the wrapping cloth as a summer wrap, but I'm not sure now if I'll do that, use it as a decorative cover on the guest bed, a wall hanging, or just a large sampler...........hmmmmmmm
Cy, I used my tatting needle to make such a long bullion. Am I mad? Quite possibly.......... lol

Barbara C said...

Your craft room looks like a great place to work on all your lovely projects. And you get A+ for your thrifting skills: those are fabulous supplies.

jenclair said...

Love the elements in your wrapping cloth!

cq4fun said...

You have been so busy. I like seeing where you work, and knowing it isn't going to stay so neat. ;) The porcelain table looks great for the kind of painting and dying you do. Your laces look like wonderful finds. I don't ever find lace around here. Nothing one would want to use, anyway. The wrapping cloth elements look super, so varied, like your CQ.