March 10, 2015

Moira - Checking in

A couple of things finished up this week - first up was finishing up the quilt top for American Heroes.  Decided to go simple on the border and used one of the Moda Marbles that I had in my stash.    Finished size came out to be 64" by 84",

Second finished item was the block for the Row-by-Row swap that i had missed earlier in the year.   The row missed was assorted quilt shop blocks.  I used the basic pattern, but simplified the piecing of it since I won't be swapping it.  The blocks that were swapped all had a mini-quilt over the door, but I decided to make a sign for my block.   I used the name I have for my business, blog, and website for the name of the shop.

Next up for me is to add a border to the top & bottom of a quilt for American Heroes.   It currently is 60" square and needs to be about 84-87" long.    Am thinking on what to add for it.  

Am also planning what to do with a set of blocks for Sunshine Quilts.

And lest you think I don't do CQ.....I do, I'm just at a standstill on the project that I have in progress because I can't figure out what to add next.   The current piece started with a piece of my cross-stitch that I made yrs ago and never got framed.
 I put into this piece of CQ and got two sides of the center embellished with a beaded vine.  But then stalled out on what to add next.

I know I want to have it all blend together and look as if it were all from nature.   I do plan on adding a small border to finish it, and will make it into a wall hanging.

Any ideas on nature inspired work that I could look at to get ideas for this?


ladyhawthorne said...

Great projects all.

How about a stylized tree or branch coming up and over the kitty. That could be a jumping off point for other things. Love love love the vine you did.

Suztats said...

My you've been so busy! Lots of nice work. Looks as though kitty is enjoying a garden. Maybe he's hiding under a bush watching some birds flutter at the bird bath, and perhaps a wee mouse is peeking out through the long grasses, wondering if kitty has seen him....... or perhaps kitty has heard a puppy barking and is hiding.....are there bumble bees entranced by the rose's aroma? or some herbs in flower?
Hmmmm, sounds like I'm longing for spring..........sigh

Moira said...

Thanks for the idea of just a branch...I'd been thinking of a full tree, but the scale for that just never seemed to fit. However, in looking on pinterest for inspiration I found a wisteria branch cq piece that I'm thinking I'll try to sketch up for the piece -

Moira said...

And I do plan on putting a wee snail hiding in that garden somewhere and I have a bee charm to use as well. Just need to put in some flowers for it to be buzzing around.

cq4fun said...

I do like the idea of the branch of some kind. The wisteria looks very pretty and would go well with what you've already done. You've been a busy bee this week.

Cyra said...

Lovely job oh the AH quilt Moira.
The shop block is quaint, and made more personal with your own shop name on it.
Love the dragonfly over the kitty. SRE flowers would look great scattered around.