March 24, 2015

Judy~ Look What I Found!

Are you sitting down? Last week I spent some time sorting though my various stashes and found a couple of projects screaming to be finished.  Who could resist? So out they came; we'll see how long it takes! (I'm not telling when these were started either!)

Speaking of stitching projects, isn't this cute?  My friend Dee made it for me; it's a Seahawk snowman and sure made me feel better after that last game a while ago.  She sure is a good cross stitcher!

I'm working on a secret project at the moment.  Can't tell any more than that.

I also finished another one of Mere's favorite dishcloths.  They are definitely addictive.

Have a wonderfully productive week!


ladyhawthorne said...

Pretty, pretty and more pretties! You go girl!

Moira said...

Love the cross-stitch projects!

And the snowman is great. =)

desertskyquilts said...

Oooh, UFOs! I'm happy for you that you found them and that you decided to finish them. Is that seahawks snowman an ornament? It looks like it's small, but I'm not sure.

Judy S. said...

Yes, it is, but right now it's hanging on the light switch of our floor lamp and looks great there!

Suztats said...

It can be very satisfying to finish UFOs, so I'm!....Looking forward to seeing yours. Love the rose and the snowman.

Cyra said...

A Super productive stitching week Judy. All such worthwhile projects. Keeps you from 'idle-hands syndrome'.