March 31, 2015

Fitzy - Present!

(The true "ON AGAIN", "OFF AGAIN" girl!) Unlike many of you, I can go days without a needle and thread. Oh! It makes me so crabby though! I try to keep my pen busy at my desk as I work through a HUGE stack of work.
If you look too long, you'll realize that I don't study bird anatomy. (He needs more of a crook in his neck if he thinks he can stand THAT way!) Such is life, right?

In between our "visits" my daughter and I tried a bit of stump work. I have only trimmed out one top wing, and one lower wing, but me likey!

A little more work on the spacing of the top black line work is needed, but that's what I love most about a photograph, and looking at a piece of work from a different prospective. I will use this to perch atop of one of my exchange pin cushions.

I have gotten the centers printed for my next Round Robin exchange, just need to assemble the blocks. I'm wrestling a bit with my preferences for these blocks as I think I want all white stitching. (My daughter thinks I'm being too restrictive.)

Lastly, I've been shopping in Turkey again. I may have to block my friend Rengin on facebook. I have such futile resistance! She puts all these sets up, and they just scream at me!

Hope you all have a fabulous week!


Cyra said...

Shopping in Turkey, haha, love it.
The butterfly will have the perfect spot on top of one of your pin-cushions. Beautiful.

Barbara C said...

I love the idea of all-white stitching. I've been tempted by that myself.

Barbara C said...

Hey, who fixed up our blog? It looks great! I love the photo in the header.

ladyhawthorne said...

Barbara, I've taken over as admin until Debra wants it back and I changed up the look. I found the photo in the header through a google search and thought it was perfect. Not sure if the ladies are drinking tea, coffee or something else but they sure look to be having a grand time.

ladyhawthorne said...

Fitzy I love your bird!

I have yet to try stumpwork but it is on my list for one day.

I agree with Barbara, I like the idea of all white stitches, very wintery and snowy to make Santa feel at home!

Moira said...

The butterfly looks fun. WIll look forward to seeing it on top of a pincushion. =)

And all white/silver stitching with the santas sounds intriguing

Suztats said...

Stumpwork is so fun to do, and creates a wonderful effect. Your butterfly will be perfect perched atop your pin cushion. I think the white stitching on your Santas will be stunning. I love white on white--one can add a great deal of texture and dimension without having it look too busy. I shall look forward to seeing more. Love the bird!

desertskyquilts said...

Wonderful new things. I like your blue bird. It's okay if he isn't anatomically correct. =) The butterfly is great, too.