March 3, 2015

Deborah - Checking In

It is really amazing how fast time can slip away from you. Here it is two weeks since I checked in. I have been busy and the weekends just fly away.

If you remember the red and white CQ I worked on last year - I have finally put it together after stewing over it for a long time, trying to decide if it's done, and I would love your opinion on what border to use, the lighter red silk dupioni or the darker fabric (can't think of the name of this fabric). I won't tell you what I'm leaning toward.

I also did a little fun sewing on these pillow tops made from selvages. I didn't invent this but it is a lot of fun if you're just in the mood to sew with the goal of getting something done quickly. I made a small pillow out of one block and put four smaller blocks together for a larger pillow. I think my daughters will get a kick out of them.

Speaking of daughters, my younger one moves out next week into her own home. I'm very proud of her for taking such a big step but I have mixed feelings at the same time, the same ones I'm sure every parent has when a child leaves home. I'll miss her but I'm happy for her. And again - where did the years go? Seems like I just blinked and she was grown.

I took a week off starting Monday, and I hope I can sew until I drop. Sometime next month my older daughter and I want to take a road trip to Nashville where a friend says there's a terrific fabric store.

Have a terrific week, everyone.


ladyhawthorne said...

Personally I love the lighter red on the left.

The selvage piece is too cute! Great idea.

Suztats said...

I agree. I like how the lighter red pulls that colour out of the blocks. It's a very pretty quilt.
Lots of fun perky colours on the pillows.
Happy sewing.

Cyra said...

Sorry Angela and Suz, I'm preferring the other red, the darker one. The darker one just makes the quilt look so much more elegant to me.

Love the selvedges pillow. It's fun and cheery.

Moira said...

Darker red for the selvedges pillow.

Barbara C said...

Another vote for the darker red. Your cq blocks look great assembled.

Good luck with your daughter's transition to her own home. I find that my relationship with my daughter got closer after she moved away. Thanks goodness that with technology, we talk on the phone, text, and skype on a regular basis. It's definitely different than it was when I left home and my folks were an expensive long distance call away.

cq4fun said...

I like either one. The lighter one pulls out the light reds in the top, and the darker one frames it in the darker tones. I guess it depends on whether you really want it lighter or dark. I'm curious which Nashville store. Franklin, south of Nashville, used to have a fabulous store, and it's still there, but not quite as fabulous, I understand. Stitcher's Garden, I think. Quilter's Attic is pretty popular, north of Nashville. Just curious which one you are going to visit. I didn't realize you were that close.

Deborah McLaughlin said...

The fabric store my friend told me about is Textile Fabrics and I believe it is just outside of Nashville. Allison and I like to take weekend trips. Last year we went to Asheville. I haven't been to Nashville in years so if we do decide to go, it will be fun. We used to go to the Opry when I was little. I remember vaguely going there to the "all night singing".

As for the CQ, I'm leaning toward the darker red, too but I'm going to leave it up for a couple more days.