March 31, 2015

Barbara's knitting

My posting has been spotty because I've just been so busy with work.  I have high hopes for posting more regularly when the semester is over in May.

In the meantime, my needles have been busy with some free knitting patterns.  Free patterns are widely available on the web, and Ravelry allows us to see other people's project notes so we can separate the jewels from the duds.

I knit this pullover, Ink Flare by Black Dog Designs,  a simple a-line pattern in a bright cheerful pink.  I knit the pattern as written except for an added seed stitch border, though some other knitters made the neck opening smaller.  It's a comfy piece that I've been wearing a lot.

I wanted a new pair of fingerless mitts, so I adapted Quo Vadis by Spilly Jane Knits, a free mitten pattern.  The mitts are knitted in worsted weight wool, so they work up fast, and the color work is very easy because the repeats are the same across each row.  This would be a good entry-level project into stranded color work.

I hope everyone is well.  I hope to be around more in the near future.


ladyhawthorne said...

I really like that pink sweater, it does look comfy.
I knitted some leg warmers years ago when they were popular, with a multi color design I made up. Maybe I should look into your mitts pattern!
I really like your necklace too!

Suztats said...

Looking good, Barbara! That's a nice pattern for your sweater, and I like the soft pink. The mitts are striking with the pattern, but stranded colour work is too advanced for me! Happy knitting!

Cyra said...

Very nice jumper, and a lovely shade of pink.
I haven't even got the hang of knitting in the round yet, so there's not much hope for me trying the fingerless mitts yet I'm afraid. One day I will find the time to take the challenge though.

Moira said...

Boy do I understand the problems of schools and no time to do anything....lovely sweater and mitts.

cq4fun said...

Both you and Judy are such great knitters. You look super in that sweater, and I can imagine those mitts would be great for driving or doing anything where you need your fingers free.

Judy S. said...

Great to see your post, Barbara! Love the sweater; it's a great color and looks so cozy, perfect for chilly weather. Nice mitts, too; I've always liked the Fetching pattern you discovered and this one looks great as as well. I've been knitting for twin babies this week!