March 31, 2015

Angela ~ Summer is Underway

Here's my progress on Summer.  Not much as I have been working in the garden and building planter boxes.  Summer does indeed seem to be here as we have already had temps peak in the low 90's. 
In the comments from last week Cyra said it was nice to see cross stitch on something other than aida cloth.  2 years ago I did my first cross stitch on linen and said I would never again use aida cloth as it looked so much nicer.  Yes, it is harder on the eyes but a bright light and my readers make it do-able.  It is also affordable to use linen as I got a nice stash of it at a thrift shop for a few dollars about 5 years ago.  One piece had the original price tag of $50 on it! 

This morning on Pinterest I also found this site that shows how to do a pin stitch to start and end your thread.  Wow, wish I had had this info years ago.  The backs of my pieces always look a mess from running ends through.

I hope you all got my email about the small changes to our blog and me being an Admin.  
Judy has changed time slots to 3pm now so that means 5pm is open if anyone wants it.


Suztats said...

I like the vintage look of the home page on the blog, Angela!
While summer may be underway in your neck of the woods with temps near the 90 mark, we're still waiting for spring. Yesterday we had a high of 5C. whine.
Your summer piece is looking real sharp. Good to know it's on linen--perhaps that's why it looks so nice!

Judy S. said...

Nineties, Wow! It hardly ever gets that hot here, and never in March. Love your summer sections so far. That is such a nice project! I love it.

Moira said...

Love the reorg on the home page Angela!

I too like the look of stitching on linen, but have so many kits that are on Aida.....but can't see getting rid of them.

Cyra said...

Love our new Tuesday Stitchers header photo, those ladies, wow, I never look that neat and tidy at any time of the day.
You sure got a great bargain with that linen.

Barbara C said...

The page looks great Angela. I didn't get the email, but thanks for stepping up to take over admin duties. You cross stitch is looking great.