February 11, 2015

Suz-- Winter Blahs

Right around the middle of February, the winter blahs set in. It's mid-winter here, with another 6 weeks or more of the cold, the grey, and the snow.
So, to add a bit of brightness to last week, I began stitching in colour. At my local Embroidery Guild, we're creating felt works to sell at the annual Fiber Fest, raising funds for a local charity.
Introducing Cora Crow, a large, felt, pin cushion. She certainly has attitude, and I had a lot of fun embroidering and embellishing her.
 I'm late posting because I wanted to have her finished by Wednesday morning's Guild meeting.

Happily, she's already sold.
I discovered, though, that I must be allergic to the wool felt: every time I worked on this lady, I'd get blurry eyes and headaches.

Don't you just love those eyelashes?
Some more additions to the Wedding Piece. Nine more leaves and grape clusters were created, and I'm placing them on the right side.
I extended the main branch with tatted, curly stems.

More of the smaller leaves in subtle colours are needed, along with some tendrils and curlicues.

The top portion is almost finished.

Hope you've had a creative week.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Hugs from Suz


desertskyquilts said...

The bird is great! I'm surprised you sold it, it looks like it took so so much work! The wedding piece is great. I don't know what more you're going to add, because it looks so perfectly finished right now. I guess I don't have the vision!

Suztats said...

Once I have the right side completed with more leaves and grapes etc., I have the bottom portion to stitch. It will incorporate more grape vines, but also roses.......I hope.......

ladyhawthorne said...

OMG! I love Cora! Find something besides wool felt and make some more!

Cyra said...

Ha Love the fun birdies. Great project.
Wedding piece look better each week I see it. Can't believe how much work you put into it. You're a trouper for sure.