February 17, 2015

Suz--February's Freezing

It's been bitterly cold for the last week or so, with morning temperatures at -24C. Add in the wind chill factor, and it feels like -41C! Brrrr!
So I've been staying indoors most of the time. What have I been stitching?
Well, I went through some of my ORTS (you know, those thread ends from stitching and sewing) and I mixed in a few tiny pieces of fabric from left-over projects. Then I added in some lame for sparkle, some chopped up metallic candy wrappers, sandwiched them together with netting or organza, and created some bowls.

this bowl is an oval
a nice size to hold a glass candle holder
the green bowl has extended corners for a different look
the candle holder fits
you can see the lacy edge of the red and white bowl, it's open areas, and its rows of buttonhole lace
the last row of lace has red beads attached for a wee bit more bling

Why the bowls? Our embroidery Guild members are creating bowls for the annual Guild display at the local Library.
The green and blue bowls still need some added embroidery...........
Work continues on the Wedding Piece # 2.
more stumpwork leaves are wired and awaiting their floss.

delicate thread meanderings....

how many hearts can you find?

 leaves stitched onto the fabric
stumpwork leaf layer over top

Soon the right side will be completed, and only the bottom of the Wedding Piece #2 will be calling to me.....

Hope you've had a wonderfully creative week.
Hugs from Suz


ladyhawthorne said...

The bowls are wonderful and so creative, a great way to use up scraps!

Love the wedding piece, it's just so gorgeous.

Cyra said...

So so lovely. I wish I had your patience to complete a major piece of work like Wedding piece #2.

Judy S. said...

Brrr! Just reading your first paragraph made me cold! Your bowls are very clever and fun. And you know I just love your wedding piece. Your stitching is fantastic.

Moira said...

I love how you made the bowls. Great way to use scraps to make items of beauty!

Debra Dixon said...

You really excel at the freeform stitching! just lovely!

cq4fun said...

Please excuse me for being so late to comment. The bowls are fabulous. I like the green and blue ones just as they are. It looks like you are about finished with wedding pieces. When you started them, I couldn't imagine what you were doing, and now it's so pretty.