February 3, 2015

Moira - Progress on several projects made

Lots of progress on multiple projects this week thanks to snow days and multitasking during the DE training classes (what can I say, I never was one who could sit still and just listen to anything....).

First up was making more blocks on my London tea towel quilt and starting to sew already made ones together.  I added in three blocks total, two made with wonderful London themed fabric scraps that a blog reader in London sent me.   These were with the Guards that stand outside the palace.   And I made a double decker bus for the third block.   The 'sign' on the side of it was from another bit of the London fabric I was given.

I've still got a block or two to add in yet but am pondering how I want to make them.   One for sure that I'll is the Red London phone call box.....I've got a redwork pattern for one, but I'm thinking I'll draw one up for applique instead.  There will be other fill in type blocks as well with more of my colored fabrics that I bought in London to add bits of color in the quilt because it seems like there is just too much of the background tones, especially in the center of the quilt.

Next up to be worked on this week was a tablerunner made from an orphan block someone had passed on to me several years ago.   A gal I've met through one of my best friends loves all of the tablerunners that I've given my friend.   And my friend had asked if I would consider making her one.    I found this topiary block while looking for something else in my orphan blocks and thought it would make a cute tablerunner if length was added to it.   Tried adding green to it, but the green used in the topiary itself is a really different grey-green.  Finally ended up adding the separate block at the top with the border between because I couldn't find a background fabric that looked right up next to the block.   But with the border there this one was good,  Birds were added to tie everything together.  

I'll quilt this one on my Kenmore and will just do stitch in the ditch for it.

The final project that I made progress on is a little wallhanging made from a CQ orphan block I was given several yrs ago.  I've bordered it and have done a bit of machine quilting around the border to hold it all down.   And then some hand quilting to tack the block itself down.   Not real happy with how poofy a couple of the patches are, so I'll do a bit more hand quilting in them to help tack them down a bit more.  Binding will be a mottled print that I've used for the backing that combines the darker 2-3 pinks in the block.     Also need to add in a hanging sleeve.

I've called this one "A Garden for Iris".   It will be donated to an art auction that is being held in March to raise funds for research into the metabolic disease that the grand-daughter of a good quilting friend is fighting.  My hope is to get this in the mail next week sometime because the auction is in March.

Tomorrow I head off to the ENT to see what is the next step for the treatment of the sinus infection.....then come home for class at night.....such fun....


Cyra said...

Moira, you are prolific and an inspiration to us all. I wish I could have even half of your creative energy.
Hope all goes well at ENT.

Suztats said...

I can't believe all you accomplish in a week, and while being sick. Hope you're all better soon.

ladyhawthorne said...

I'm really enjoying your London quilt and your other projects are super. I think we should rename you the energizer bunny.

cq4fun said...

Everything just keeps looking better and better! That Kenmore just doesn't quit, does it?

Moira said...

Thankfully the kenmore hasn't quit - I can't afford to replace it!