February 3, 2015

Deborah: Still No Stitching

No CQ-ing but my sewing machine has been humming.

Below are three quilt tops I finished up - well , one needs the borders sewn on. The pink ones are for the daughters of a friend. The purple quilt is for a co-worker who was diagnosed with stage four metastatic breast cancer. HOWEVER: she just completed a round of chemotherapy and responded extremely well. She will be on a lower dose for a few more months, and has taken some time off work. I thought about this top, which I started a while back, while she was waiting for the results of her last  PET scan after chemo - we were all on pins and needles, so afraid the news would be bad. I wanted to finish up the top to give to her to have something from us. Thankfully, it was good news which was an even better reason to give her a quilt.

For the big sister

for the new baby

for my co-worker

Quilts just don't photograph that well sometimes. The colors in the second pink quilt are really nothing like they really are - some are photographing green - there is no greeen in the quilt! Must have been something I did when I uploaded. Also, that's not solid pink in the border. It's a hot pink background with little white polka dots. 


Cyra said...

What a fabulous show of quilts Deborah. They will surely receive great applause from the recipients. Very special gifting.

Suztats said...

Great quilts, Deborah! Love the colours. I can see the polka dots.

ladyhawthorne said...

Lovely quilts and now you have me wondering how your squares managed to turn to green!

cq4fun said...

It's hard to photograph without a really big space. That's one of my prerequisites when I move my quilting downstairs - if I ever get to do that. All three quilts are wonderful and will be well received, I'm sure.

Moira said...

Great looking quilts! Your coworker will love the one for her.

QuiltingFitzy said...

The string is my fav, but all 3 are amazing! Good work!