January 14, 2015

Suz-- Late Stitching

Once upon a summer's night, two people declared their love and shared their wedding vows beneath a glowing super moon, surrounded by family and friends, all standing amid a beautiful winery. Pink roses flanked each row of grape vines, their soft scent perfuming the air. The grapes were not yet ripe, but glowed in the moonlight with the promise of a bountiful yield.
This is the scene I am trying to portray in Wedding Piece #2.

 Sorry I'm late posting, but I wanted to finish the first group of leaves.......

6 of the 7 leaves are shown with clusters of beads.......

5 leaves are stumpwork, 2 are applique

hmmm, do the beads look like grapes?

how about like this?

 I hope this looks like grape vines

more branches and leaves may be needed
 but perhaps with fewer grape clusters, or ones that are not so evenly spaced...
the bigger picture

 I considered larger clusters of grapes
 perhaps it's a bit too heavy a look....

what do you think?
This is the super moon in the upper left corner. It was huge, bright, and had a golden ring around it

the moon shone down all night at the wedding

considering the placement

I think I need to make more stumpwork leaves

curlicues are in the plans, too

Hugs from Suz


ladyhawthorne said...

Gorgeous! I would add more of those fabulous leaves!

Judy S. said...

It's fabulous, Suz! What a wonderful gift with such beautiful stitching.

Cyra said...

An excellent stitching week. What an ole romantic you are, lol. It will be a spectacular reminder of that special day.
I think I like the smaller bunches of grapes best, and I really love the random hints of colour that appear now and then.

Suztats said...

More leaves are on the way, Angela. Romantic? who? Me? lol. You may be right, Cy. Thanks, ladies!

cq4fun said...

They look like grapes! I love the whole thing, but the grapes and leaves (lot of work there!) are just wonderful. I thought I liked the heart best, but now I'm not so sure!

Debra Dixon said...

The leaves & grapes are superior!