January 27, 2015

Moira - Donation quilt tops and more

Was able to get a wee bit more done this week in between (or should I say during?) everything else going on including class in the evenings.

Finished up a donation quilt top using assorted brown thimbleberry fabrics and assorted cream tonal fabrics that were mainly civil war shirtings.   All of the strings had been given to me by a friend who passed away last year.  Finished quilt is 51" square.  

Next up is a little quilt that started with the bunnies on green fabric.   It too was given to me by a friend from another list.  The fuschia, white and turquoise were the only other colors in the focus print.  Used all of it except a 4" strip.   It too will be a donation quilt.

Both of these are going to Sunshine Quilts.

The last quilt I made progress on is my London Tea Towel quilt.  I cut apart the scenes and fused them onto squares of background fabric (a cream tonal fabric) with just a band of fusible around the edges and then satin-stitched them down.  I had previously put interfacing onto the back of the towel in order to stabilize the linen because the weave was looser than I normally work with.   All of the blocks in the quilt that I'm adding have something to do with London and the majority of the fabrics that will be in the quilt have come from there as well and are from my trip there in 1997.  

In other news, class has started at night for me and we are in the second week.  Still some problems with technology, but hopefully those will be worked out soon.   And am starting to see some good from the meds........altho I can tell it's going to be a long road to beat this infection.  


Judy S. said...

Love your quilts and so glad you're feeling better! Have a good week.

Deborah McLaughlin said...

I'm hyperventilating over the London quilt.

Debra Dixon said...

Your brown strings quilt caught my attention!

ladyhawthorne said...

All three are fabulous. It's so cool that you are doing the London quilt.

ladyhawthorne said...
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cq4fun said...

You were right about the border on the brown strings. I did like it without, but it is very nice with it.

Suztats said...

A lot of quilt progress this week! Way to go. I especially like the brown strings quilt.
Hope you're all better soon.

Barbara C said...

How nice you were able to make a quilt with the strings from your friend. I'm sure that was an especially meaningful project.

I like the idea of making a quilt to remember a special vacation. Great idea.