January 6, 2015

Fitzy - Whew! Glad that's over!

Hello! I've missed you so!

I'm trying desperately to keep my head above water. It's been a challenge! I apologize that this blog posting has fallen by the wayside of late. I had the darndest time remembering what day it was! (And then it would be Wednesday!)

With your guidance and teaching, I have now been crazy quilting for 1 year. Thank you, to each and every one of you for your part. I couldn't have done it without you.

I think I left off while working on this block for Gerry. You know, the one made all from men's ties. Oh, so not my favorite fabric to work with. Even with the sharpest of needles the threads would lift or separate. Not to mention that a couple of the pieces had stains I had to work with.

The block got a little puckery, but I suspect a good press would help. I didn't see the point of doing that since it had 2 more mailings to travel.
So I loved the fabric SO much, that I did a second block for Gerry. Well, not exactly. The next stitcher in line is terribly behind and is not keeping up with her exchange commitments. I offered to be a Stitch Angel for her, of which she accepted. I still needs LOTS of practice...and this block is rumply too. So maybe it's not ALL my fault, lol.
This is the block I'm currently working on. It's for Claudia, and is the final block in her set. Hmmm...can't IMAGINE why it was left, lol...there are a gazillion seams! I auditioned several doilies and laces to perhaps adorn one corner, but they were all to heavy looking. I am currently trying a Palestinian Lace on the white section at the bottom, I'll add beads in the next row, and probably will do several rows also with beads.

I've joined a Facebook group called Joyful Embellishments, that will highlight a new stitch each week. That should help me broaden my horizon. The feather stitch with lazy-daisy stitch on the picture above was the stitch for the first week.

Can't wait to see what you've been up to! Happy New Year!


Judy S. said...

I think the holidays got to everyone, Fitzy! And each year they seem to come a little sooner!?! Looks like you're enjoying CQ, and I know you'll learn a lot from the stitch-a-week thing; we all did that the first year and were certainly challenged!

Debra Dixon said...

Yea, practice, practice, practice.

Debra Dixon said...

Yea, practice, practice, practice.

Barbara C said...

Lovely work all around, but the first block is especially nice. Great work!

ladyhawthorne said...

I think you did great! CQ is pretty challenging to me.

cq4fun said...

All the stitching is lovely. I think the fabrics that are silk ties, velvets, etc., tend to be more rumply. I don't know much about them, because I don't use them, but it seems to be what I see in blocks made with those.

Suztats said...

You've done really nice work on all the blocks.CQ RR's are great for seeing others' work, and being challenged with different fabrics, styles and colour combinations.Fun!

Moira said...

Great work!

Cyra said...

Great to see you back again Fitzy, I missed you here.
Silk tie blocks and quilts look great, but are not what I call fun to stitch on either, so I steer clear of them. Love all the stitching on yours.