January 6, 2015

Barbara's Beginnings and Endings

Last year I decided to keep the labels of the yarn I knitted up into finished objects to gauge how much yarn I used.  I happy to report that I used 85 skeins of yarn in 2014.  I've recycled last year's labels, and the collection process has started again.

We had a loss over the holidays when our 19-year old cat Wee went to Cat Heaven on Christmas Eve.  She'd been a part of our family since she was a kitten and my kids were 5 and 7.  Although she had been losing ground for some time, it still came as a shock, and we were very sad to lose our old friend.

Less than a week after Wee's passing, my beloved cat Louie was diagnosed with kidney failure.  Though he's still with us, he requires extra care and I'm treasuring each day we have with him.

For New Year's day we had a celebration of what has passed and what's to come with children, step-children, step-grands, and in-laws.  It was an auspicious way to open the new year.  Whatever comes next, we are always in loving company.  Who could ask for more?


Judy S. said...

And didn't you also repurpose some yarn? That always impresses me. So sorry about your kitty. If you've not read Cat Heaven by Cynthia Rylant, it might ease the pain a little. Hugs to you at any rate! Looks like a nice family gathering and lots of fun memories.

Deborah McLaughlin said...

So sorry about your cats. We lost two this year, within a month of each other. It's very hard.

Debra Dixon said...

So sorry to hear of your cat losses. It's hard whether you are prepared or not.

Love the idea of a New Year's day meal to commemorate the past and the future.

ladyhawthorne said...

Wow! that's a lot of yarn to go through.

So sorry to hear about Wee, I hope Louie hangs in there for you, I love ginger kitties and lost the one I had to kidney failure too about 13 years ago.

Wonderful that you could all get together for New Year's Day.

cq4fun said...

85 skeins is one lot of yarn! I'm so sorry about both of your cats. That was a long time to have Wee.

Suztats said...

I know Wee had a very loving home and a good, long life. Being part of your family for so long means a lot of wonderful memories were made, and they will bring you comfort once the pain has eased. I hope Louie is doing better.
It's always nice to have family celebrations, and loved ones near. Hope your New Year is off to a warm and happy start.
85 skeins is a lot of yarn. Smokin' Needles!

Cyra said...

Sorry to hear about losing your friend Wee. I hope Louie remains comfortable without too much of a struggle for you. It's awful to see our beloved pets suffer when we are trying all we can to make their life easier.
A lovely family gathering for New Year. Great to have everyone around at this time of year.