January 27, 2015

Angela ~ Nearly 1/4 Done

Nearly 1/4 done ...of the first of 4 seasons.
It's moving along now even if I did have to frog out some stitches.  I've got to figure out one color to replace as our local Walmart does not carry it and I'm not driving an hour to Abilene to get some.  I have 5 boxes of threads, surely something will work that I already have.

I'm still working on beaded necklaces for my pendants.  And I'd like some feedback on a new design I came up with.
I've put together simple cross necklaces before and they usually sell quickly as they will pretty much go with anything you wear.  I added the small crown and I rather like it together.  This is a southwest cross I had and I bought 3 different crosses about the same size in different simple designs to try out.
a closeup from the side
So what do you ladies think of it?


Debra Dixon said...

Put one in your shop & see how it sells before making more necklaces.

Judy S. said...

That necklace is very pretty, and it sounds like Deb has a good suggestion. I'll bet someone in blogland might be able to help you find that color, but you're probably right that you have something close. I think there are charts around that tell what brands to substitute also.

cq4fun said...

I like how the Invierno part is coming along. I like the two together on the necklace. A pretty piece.

Suztats said...

I think the crown might take away from the pendant, although with a third item on the chain, the pendant would again be centered and the main focus. Maybe it's just me.........
I'm enjoying seeing the cross-stitch take shape.

Barbara C said...

I like Suz's suggestion about the necklace.

Re: the thread, have you thought of combining strands of different shades to get close to the color you're after?