December 9, 2014

Judy~Clicking Those Needles!

It's that time of year when I wish I could knit a whole lot faster!  If I were smart, I would start sooner, but who feels like knitting Christmas stockings in July, or April?  I have managed a few finishes that I can show, and then there are others that are still secret.

Here's the Mrs. Merryweather Dishcloth which looks nice (and different) on both sides. It alternates the yarn every 2 rows which is kind of fun to watch. This is side two:

It's one of 52 free dishcloth patterns on the Knit Picks site.

Not too long ago, I accidentally ordered Kidsilk Creation  yarn instead of Kidsilk Haze, but it made an interesting ruffled scarf without too much work, and I still have another hank of it!    A happy accident, I'd say.

I'm not the only one getting ready for the holidays.  Our Christmas cactus is right on schedule this year!  OK, enough time out, I need to get back to work.  Have a great and productive week everyone! (Last week our modem died right after I posted, but we are back in business as you can see, so this week I will take time out to comment on everyone's posts sooner.)


Suztats said...

Nice cloth. The colour is interesting. My cactus is still naked........

ladyhawthorne said...

Our cactus don't bloom until January for some reason.

Pretty dishcloth and scarf, don't you love it when oops things become wow things?

Munir said...

The pot holder is beautiful.
The Christmas cactus looks so fresh. Wow! Thanks for sharing.

Cyra said...

That is very interesting pattern that arrived on the dishcloth, I like it.
A very nice happy oops on the scarf too.
Nice of the cactus to bloom at the right time for you. I gave my Christmas lily to someone else to look after this year, I hope it does better in their hands than it did in mine, lol.