December 23, 2014

Judy ~ Gingerbread Plus

Every year between Thanksgiving and New Year's, the Sheraton Hotel sponsors a Gingerbread Village to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes research, and each year the "houses" are a little more amazing.  At the beginning of the month we went to see this year's exhibit; the theme was "Jingle All the Way". 

You've never seen so much gingerbread!  I would love to watch the construction process. The hotel cooks team with local architects.   They are serious!

Can you see the Space Needle and the ferry boat?  

Here's the other side of the downtown Seattle scene. On one side there was a crane (lots of building going on in our town) which had a gingerbread Seahawks player on it.

This tropical island was on the back of a giant sea turtle!

 A manger scene complete with lots of sheep and a gigantic star.  Can you see the inn?

And here we have Hollywood with a gingerbread palm tree and roller coaster. I can't begin to imagine how much sugar and flour went into this project, not to mention candies of all types.  If you live in the area, these will all be on display until January 5th.

And the good news is, all my Christmas projects are done, done, done.  Some even have been delivered and in one case, put into use.  When I saw my BIL in November, it became clear that he really needed a Santa hat, and here he is wearing it.  Looks good, eh?

Have a wonderful holiday Everyone!


Barbara C said...

Those are some amazing gingerbread structures! Enjoy having finished your holiday projects--it's time for the needles to cool off. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

ladyhawthorne said...

I made only one cookie house built out of peanut butter cookie bricks. Turned out nice but a whole lot of work. I don't think I even want to count the hours those creations took.

Cute stocking and and an even cuter BIL.

Cyra said...

Oh wow. What a lot of eye-candy AND sugar-candy.
A great way to celebrate the season.
Brent gets a jolly stocking, and your BIL looks like THE Jolly Fellow himself in that hat.
Ho Ho Ho, to you Judy. Have a good one.

desertskyquilts said...

Your Santa looks very, very good in his hat!