December 2, 2014

Fitzy - And into December we GO!

This block belongs to Gerry. It is composed of men's silk neck ties. While I love the color and feel, I pretty much hate the fabric. The weave on most are VERY tight, making even the sharpest needle draw threads unevenly. Even getting the needle to go through the "initial poke" has been hard at times. An education for sure.

I'm actually ahead of the game for this block, aren't you proud, lol??? I will also stitch a 2nd block for the same person, as the stitcher ahead of me hasn't the time. I'm being her "stitch angel", as I understand she is behind getting other packets out too.

MY QUESTION FOR YOU: Do I keep the bee's nest in the upper right corner? It looks rather childish, maybe I should take the bee trails off the bees? Otherwise, I think I will add a few tiny lazy-daisy flowers beneath the hive. This set of blocks will surround a centerpiece of a cottage in a flower garden setting. (This is the WET section of the garden, lol). I am thinking of adding some cat-o-nine tails, as I have a segmented frog charm to add in the (off)center section.

No holiday shopping to do, and I withdrew from our gift exchange and cookie exchange this year...I am trying to simplify. I enjoy the work exchanges, but this overtime and system conversion has left me with a bit of an ulcer. Just am learning to listen to my body, since I always stretch my limitations this time of year. With last year's overtime I came down with shingles. Gotta listen!!

Have a fabulous week!


desertskyquilts said...

I wouldn't take it out. I like it just as it is. I don't think it looks childish at all. I hate stitching on neckties.

Debra said...

I made the mistake of using a very tightly woven base fabric for my 1st CQ. What I did stitch was murder and it has been left to dry rot ever since then.

I like the little hive too.

Barbara C said...

I like the hive, and it sounds like it fits well into your plan for the block. The reds look great, too bad they're not fun to stitch.

Enjoy your low-stress holiday season. It sounds like a good way to go.

ladyhawthorne said...

I love the bees and their hive..and their trails. Sorry the fabric is so hard to stitch on though, it has great colors and textures.

Cyra said...

The block looks great, it's a shame it's not great to stitch on to though.

Suztats said...

This block is lovely so far. Perhaps what might be bothering you about the hive is the colour. There isn't any other yellow/gold on the block, so that makes the hive stand out. That's perfect if you want the hive to be a focal point. But, if not, then I would suggest adding the same colour in 2 or 4 other places so that it becomes part of the overall colour scheme. Just my 2 cents...... ;-)

Judy S. said...

That''s a fun block, but I'm sorry it's so annoying to stitch on. Looks good to me. Hope you can maintain your stress-free holiday! Take care.