December 16, 2014

Angela ~ Peacock Purse and Dyed Lace

I ordered some hand dyed lace pieces for the purse and while I was waiting for them to arrive I started on the shoulder strap.
Yesterday the lace pieces came and they are gorgeous.  I have cut some apart and sewn them down.
These on the front will be connected with embroidered vines and leaves.
This one is on the back upper left.
The one above and the one below are on the back right side and will be connected with vines & leaves. 
 I have another leaf and a scrolling floral piece I am probably going to cut apart to help fill in blank areas.  This purse may not be a crazy quilt but it will definitely have that feel before I'm done with it.

I got these lace pieces from Nicki Seavey on the Facebook group Second Hand Crazy Quilt Supplies and she also has an Etsy store: Raviolee Dreams


Judy S. said...

You are right, the lace is wonderful! Now I am very anxious to see the whole front and back. What a fabulous project this is! Have a great day, Angela!

Moira said...

The lace is wonderful! Love how it adds to your purse.

Suztats said...

I love Nicki's laces ( I have a little baggie filled and waiting for their special place) and they are stunning on your bag!

Cyra said...

It's looking great Angela, and yes, it does have that crazy quilt 'thing' going on already, lol.
Love that lace btw.

Barbara C said...

Your bag is becoming a real work of art. The lace is a lovely addition. I love the embroidery on the strap.

cq4fun said...

Beautiful pieces. I love the strap, so I can hardly wait to see how you connect the laces.