November 11, 2014

Cy - Crazy Quilting at last

Phew! Finally I have some stitching to show you. 
We've been so busy here on the farm lately that I've not had much time left over for sewing.
The grass is almost ready for cutting and bailing again and that will be another busy time here at 'Lewis Acres'.

But for now, here is what I've been up to.

Crazy Quilting with 'Kathy Shaw' inspired seams plus a few 'personal flourishes' of my own.

Plenty of room left on these seams for the addition of beads and SRE.
I'm just waiting for the postman to bring my new supply of Silk Ribbons.
I had to order more because my original stash is packed away in sealed boxes in the shipping container, and no way am I going in there to start opening up already packed boxes, lol, assuming, of course, that I can find the 'correct' box.

And just in case you are wondering about the background fabric.... it is all my own hand dyed neutrals.

Happy Stitching


Judy S. said...

Awesome! They are gorgeous, Cy! Now silly me needs to see the whole thing; you know how I am, right?

Cyra said...

Oh yes. Sorry I forgot the whole block pic. Will share that with you next week just in case I don't get any more stitching done this week.

Suztats said...

Fabulous seams Cy! Really awesome work. I especially like #1 and #3.
Looks like you're enjoying Kathy's course. Wish I'd had the time to sign up.......maybe next time.

Barbara C said...

Great seams! Your work is so precise and crisp looking. I like your color palette.

desertskyquilts said...

Beautiful work, with no embellishment needed. =) Yours looks the way I always hope mine will, and it never does. LOL I'm glad you're coming back to this. It's very inspiring to see your work.

ladyhawthorne said...

They are all gorgeous but my favorite has to be the 5th one down. So creative!

Moira said...

Wonderful work!

Cyra said...

Thanks all. Kathy Shaw is running her next class in January if anyone wants to join up for that one, make sure you subscribe to her block for that info.