November 11, 2014

Angela ~ Peacock Purse

I've finished the peacock on the front of the denim purse, I added his topknot which is finished with sequins & beads like his tail.
It's a bit hard to see the top knot because of the fold on the flap.
And I started some edge stitching on the back side of the purse.  This will get beads as well.
My new helper Bentley.  He belongs to the girl next door but spends most of his time with me, just like her other cat Buttercup. 


Cyra said...

Excellent job on the peacocks Angela. Love them both.
Bentley looks very comfortable at your home, lol.

Judy S. said...

Boy, you'd better keep a close eye on that purse! It's going to be a treasure. I'll bet the 2 B's love hanging out with you!

Suztats said...

Now that's a nice peacock bag! Well done, Angela. Guess those cats know a good place when they've found it.

Barbara C said...

Your purse came out very nicely. I love the way you used sequins. Enjoy your "borrowed" kitty. We acquired our last cat when she decided she wanted to live with us over the neighbors, her original owners.

cq4fun said...

The peacock is even more wonderful that it looked like it would be. Love what you did, and the stitching on the pocket is a brilliant addition. The cat looks right at home.