October 7, 2014

Susan: May Block, Two Seams

Yay! Finally a little stitching time! Question at the end.

Here's Seam 82:

Ooops, forgot to remove the markings. Next time. This one started from something I saw in Victorian Elegance by Lezette Thomason. A friend gave it to me in a batch of books she didn't want any more. I love the book!

Seam 83, on the opposite side.

Center, so far:

Now for the question. The gold heart beads. Do you think they are too big? I don't know if it's just that I never use anything so large, so it seems too big, or if they really ARE too big. Opinions solicited.


Judy S. said...

Love the hearts! I think by the time you add more stitching, things will balance out. I love this block. (And all the rest, too.) This quilt of yours is going to be fabulous!

ladyhawthorne said...

I agree with Judy, once you get more things going on they will be fine. Very pretty and elegant.

Moira said...

I love the heart beads!

Cyra said...

The heart beads look ok to me too. They look silver at my end though, not gold.
A lovely start on the block.

Suztats said...

Make it unanimous-- I like the beads, too. Pretty block.