October 7, 2014

Moira - What's a girl to do when the doc orders her to stay home?

Well, if you're me.......that would be sew, well that and grade homework....lol.   Seriously though, after yet another trip back to the doctor this past Friday and being ordered to not work the second job AND not talk all weekend (complete with a doctor's note to get the time off), I did indeed stay home all weekend.

I was able to get some sewing done and finished up two quilts that are for donation to Sunshine quilts.

Both of the completed tops are made from flannel and cottons.  The first one was from yardage that I couldn't figure out what else to do with.   Made the green from assorted green strips that were in my scrap bin.  The second quilt started with a Moda charm pack.   The charms were paired with white flannel.  Cottons were used for the sashing and border with the final charms used as the border cornerstones.

The two tops that are still waiting on the final borders started with beautiful embroidered blocks from a gal in the Sunshine Quilt online quilt group that I'm a part of.   I had made an online challenge last year for people to make blocks with fabric that I provided, and then return the blocks to me.   One gal had used my fabric (the birdhouse fabric) as the inspiration for these embroidered birds.   She made 16 blocks in total.

Like my ufo's, these had remained silent about what they wanted to be when they 'grew up' until this past weekend.  

I ended up making two different machine appliqued blocks with a bird house on each of them.     Then set them with half of the embroidered blocks.   Size at the  moment is 33 inches for the tops.   I still need to add a border to them, but am trying to decide on what fabric to use.   I have more of the birdhouse fabric that I want to use in the corners, but am still thinking about what else to use.   At this point am thinking of a white-on-white, but haven't decided for sure.

I'm on Fall break next week so I plan to finish these up then along with working on the commissioned sewing I have here (and grading homework!).


Judy S. said...

Love that bird quilt! Hope you are feeling much better.

cq4fun said...

Very productive weekend. You need doctor's orders to stay home more often. LOL

ladyhawthorne said...

Great quilts all around! That birdhouse one is very cool. Hope you are feeling better but it's nice you got a sort of vacation.

Cyra said...

Did you really spend the whole weekend NOT talking, lol. I don't believe it, haha.

Great work on these blocks and quilts.

Suztats said...

Were you supposed to be quilting, or resting?! I'm really attracted to the second quilt (maybe it's the green?) but all of t hem look great!